Empowering Sales Teams for the Digital Age

Insights & Analytics
Marketplace sales

-Reward high-performing sellers.
-Motivate your technicians.
-Influence your field force.
Generate sales leads.

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E-micro sales

-Consumer rebates, cashback, trade discounts, payment plans, credit.
-Co-marketing programs.
-Google and Facebook Marketplace integration.
-Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest integration.
-Facebook fan page integration.
-Cross-brand e-shops.

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Field sales enablement
Field sales

-Product Feed management.
-Marketplace integration.
-Shopping engines integration.
-Affiliate retargeting networks.
-Insights & analytics.
-PPC optimization.
-Price monitoring.
-Dynamic pricing.
-Generative content & creatives.

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E-shops sales

-E-shop fast deployments.
-Data feed synchronization.
-Dynamic pricing.
-Market price watch.
-Marketplace integrations.

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Landing pages

-Dealer locator integration.
-Sales lead generation.
-Field, traditional trade integration.
-Dealer profiling, scouting.

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Traditional Trade sales
Traditional Trade sales

-Benefit from traffic from a branded site.
-Benefit from centralized content.
-Upselling, cross-selling.
-Pickup & delivery function.
-Fast replenish & reorder.
-Try new product & order.
-Access to training.

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