System Capabilities

System Capabilities

System Capability 1: Dashboard

As a user, I can view, track, and analyze multiple data points simultaneously using a dashboard equipped with data visualizations like charts, graphs, and maps.

System Capability 2: Data Quality

As a user, I can assess the accuracy, completeness, reproducibility, lineage, and recency of datasets to determine their suitability for analysis, adjudication, policymaking, etc.

System Capability 3: Data Resource

As a user, I have access to actual data files (e.g., CSV, XLS, PDF) or data URLs to utilize in my analyses or applications.

System Capability 4: Dataset

As a user, I have access to identifiable collections of structured data objects along with their metadata, enabling me to understand the scope, subject, and other relevant attributes of the dataset.

System Capability 5: Datastore

As a user, I expect the data resources to be stored in a database, facilitating easy access and queryability of the data for analysis and application development.

System Capability 6: Distribution

As a user, I expect each dataset to have one or more distributions, each containing a download or access URL along with metadata about the data resource.

System Capability 7: Harvest

As a user, I need the ability to migrate datasets from one data portal to another or manage a group of datasets from a single JSON file efficiently.

System Capability 8: Harvest Plan

As a user, I want to configure the import of data into my catalog efficiently, specifying the structure and sources of data to be harvested.

System Capability 9: Metadata

As a user, I rely on structured metadata to describe, explain, and locate information resources, enabling me to discover, process, and understand datasets effectively.

System Capability 10: Moderation State

As a user, I expect datasets to have publishing statuses and moderation states, allowing for editorial workflows and content management within the catalog.